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    Bioorthogonal Reaction

    * ADIBO, N3, Propyne, Maleimide

    * Specific markers of target molecules in living cells

    * Application: Protein-small molecule conjugation;

                           Protein-peptide conjugation

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    Heterobifunctional PEG Linkers

    * Most notable and useful in protein crosslinking

    * In a controlled, two-step reaction

    * Avoid dimers and polymers

    * R1/R2 = HS, COOH, NH2, OH, Hydrazide, etc.

    * PEG repeat units up to 48

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    Linkers with Protecting Groups

    * Used for step by step linking, peptide modification

    * Fmoc, Boc, tBu, CBZ, SPDP Protected PEG

    * PEG repeat units up to 36

  • Picture for category Homobifunctional PEG Linkers

    Homobifunctional PEG Linkers

    * Have advantages in one-step crosslinking 


    * Ideal strategy for locking two proteins

    * R= OH, NH2, COOH, NHS, Mal, Propyne,

       Hydrazide, etc.

    * PEG repeat units up to 48

  • Picture for category PEGylation Reagents

    PEGylation Reagents

    * Increase solubility, prolong stability,

      reduce immunogenicity

    * Alter properties of proteins, immunogens, etc

    * R= OH, NH2, COOH, NHS, SH, Mal, N3,

       Propyne, etc.

    * PEG repeat units up to 48

  • Picture for category Biotinylation Reagents

    Biotinylation Reagents

    * Various end groups available

    * won't affact the biological activity of protein

    * Bio-labeling and Diagostics

  • Picture for category Hydrophobic Linkers

    Hydrophobic Linkers

    * Introduce maleimide to amine reactive molecules

    * Hydrophobic spacers

  • Picture for category Alkanthiols for Self-Assembled Monolayers

    Alkanthiols for Self-Assembled Monolayers

    * m = 6~12, n = 1~24

    * Surface Reaction

    * Specific binding receptors

  • Picture for category Polydisperse PEG Derivatives

    Polydisperse PEG Derivatives

    * Average M.W. = 1000~5000

    * NH2, COOH, NHS, Mal, SH, N3, Propyne, Biotin, etc.

    * Various combination of end groups

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